Hello everybody


My name is Lucas the products on my website www.musicstoreonline.ch are the result of long, intensive work.

When I began to grapple with this topic some time ago, at that point in time I didn't know what to expect.

The first few attempts were so bad that I couldn't hear my own music.

Then I decided to look further into this topic. After many attempts and a long time, the first audible song was created.


Now my creativity was awakened, I changed the pitch, the use of the instruments, the pitch and many elements
After this result my joy and curiosity was aroused. After many hours, and countless attempts, I managed to develop more songs, then more and more songs and my joy grew with each finished song.


 Today I am able to create songs of many types. The finished songs are visible on my website. It is possible to purchase it either online, with an immediate download, or as a CD that can be heard on a suitable device.

The CD price includes packaging and postage. The CD's can be found under the heading NON DIGITAL.


I will continue to use my creativity and experience to create more songs. Who knows, maybe a jazz, hip, hop or house type?

I hope you enjoy the music,  thank you for visiting my website.

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